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Hon. Director

Director, David Clarke, NBP Reservation PO, Muntinlupa City, Philippines. 1776 Philippines.

International Office , 11 Hayling Close, Fareham, Hampshire,, PO14 3AE United Kingdom, Telephone 0044 7411990007, Fax: 0044 1329 312967

Secretary: Dolores A. Nava, Blk 5 Lot 45, Pueto Galera, St. Camillia 4a, Muntinlupa City, Philippines.

A Resume Of Our Previous Work in The Philippines

(Historical Recapitulation)

I am David Clarke, the Director of Trojan Horse International and brother of the late Michael John Clarke an inmate of New Bilibid Prison. I functioned, for a shot period, as the Director of the Teacher Training College situated within the New Bilibid Prison, Muntinlupa City, Philippines. This college was founded in March, 2002 and continued until January 2003. See its history as told in or book “Trojan Warriors”.

New Bilibid Prison is the notorious National Penitentiary and houses over 23,500 inmates and we understand it to be one of Asia’s largest prisons. It consists of three compounds, the Minimum, Medium and Maximum Security compounds. Within the Maximum Security Compound is “Death Row” and some of are due to be executed for crimes against humanity.

Our college is within the Maximum Security Compound and run exclusively by reformed criminals, whose full range of crimes span the whole list of social deviant behaviour. We have over 30 members of staff. We have published over 60 of their life giving testimonies in our book, “Trojan Warriors” and as listed on our web site.

We were privileged to found this College after our very successful preaching tour of the Philippine Jails and City’s, in August 2001. Please visit our www site for information and view a few of the inmate’s testimonies.

Our Vision

This was to develop the current teaching programs that were already running in New Bilibid Theological Institute by means of adopting Hon. Heads of Schools or Deans having valuable expertise in appropriate specialist subjects. Our Inmate Teachers and Trainers were to deliver the programs of learning within the framework of the education already established inside our College at that time.

It was envisaged that our outmate/inmate students would be able to attend lectures on a daily basis (or on block programs to suite their requirements). We had accommodation in the Philippines for visiting students from international locations.

See our meeting with Director Macala:

The teaching material was such that it develops study disciplines in the form of Access to Higher Education. Qualifications and accreditation was to be appropriate to that mode and form of study discipline

We would suggest that each student would be registered through the admissions procedures of the Bierton Particular Baptist College.

The advantage to the Teacher Training Collage was the prestige of an academic teaching program that was to be a valuable asset and motivator for good education.


This college was run by converted criminals who had trained for the ministry and have become Christians whilst in prison

With the above structure the Teacher Training College was intended to become a well-established quality educational establishment, attracting international support from every source including Government, Social and private funding.

It was believed our work would be of interest to Sociologist, Psychiatrists, Medical doctors, Criminologist, Social Scientists, Social worker, Evangelist’s and Mission workers etc.

Video Presentation from withing New Bilibid Prison

The following three video’s outline the history , vision and progress of Trojan Horse International and they were made inside the Maximum Compound of NBP.

1 Trojan Warriors: The Beginnings

2 Trojan Warriors: the Vision

3 Trojan Warriors: Our Doctrinal Position

Our Progress and Success’s

Our first mission officer William O. Poloc was released from New Bilibid Prison in August 2002 with a commission from our Trojan Horse Directorate to return to his own City in Baguio and evangelize the Baguio City and Benguet Provincial Jails.

I personally visited Baguio City Jail, in December 2002, baptizing 22 candidates who wished to follow Christ as a result of William’s ministry. Also 9 souls in Benguet Provincial Jail for the furtherance of the gospel.

See our published video’s on Youtube.

1 William C. Poloc Our First Trojan Warriors

2 Preaching in Baguio City Jail

3 Baptisms In Baguio City Jail

4 Preaching In Benguet Provincial Jail

5 Baptisms In Benguet Jail

Current Situation

Due to serious opposition that the Directorate experienced from within and without the prison , the prison from certain inmate pastors and religious volunteers (RVO’s), our project was terminated in January 2003 and our incorporation established as Trojan Horse International (TULIP) Phils. Incorporated and registered with The Securities Exchange Commission under number CN 200306347.

See Our Articles Of Incorporation :

We continued our work within New Bilibid Prison with 12 inmates. The named religious volunteers for our ministry that were registered with The Bureau of Corrections were: David Clarke (ERVO) and Arnel P. Gonzales (RV0). See Certification.

Also Rev. Monico Carany was appointed as our Director of Rehabilitation. ( See our articles of Incorporation and officers roles).

See Our Certificate of Appointment for Monico L. Caranay to Director of Rehabilitation for Trojan Horse International:


We intend to continue our work within New Bilibid Prison and other prisons of the Philippines, to assist in the rehabilitation and teaching of inmates. This is in order to fulfil our vision as described and in accordance with Trojan Horse International (TULIP) Phils Incorporated, Articles Of Incorporation whose name was secured on 11th February 2003.

Your Sincerely


David Clarke

Hon. Director

Our former Office address was:

Rev. Lucas P Dungatan Jr. 17 Tulay Bato, San Antonio, National Highway, Binan, Laguna,

Philippines. Telephone: 0063 49 5118682. e-mail:

Mobile: 0063 9177482713. Fax: 0063 49 511-8682

Trojan Horse International