1 Foreword Dr Philip Fleming2 Foreword Gregg Haslan 3 Foreword Samuel Ntoyimondo4 What The Story Is About5 About The Author6 Confession To 24 crimesThe Problem And A C.I.D VisitTestimony Of Barry CrownTestimony of Cyril BryanTestimony of Mr E ConnetI Speak In CourtThe Bucks Herald 11th February 1971Seeking TruthVoice Of ChristDifficultyMy Story7 My Early LifeSunday SchoolRoman Catholics Were WrongLost and foundFirst Day At SchoolI Steal MoneyOldham My Home Town8 Garston Infant School I Get LostGerman TeacherI Can’t ReadDavid And The HampsterCongregational Sunday SchoolWhat Was Easter All About ?Cecil The Sissy And Air PistolI Get Electrocuted And BurnedWrexham HolidayThe Fair At Garston, Paper Round And Stolen BikeDon’t Talk To StrangersPlaying Truant From SchoolMoney Buys Many ThingsStolen Crystal SetStealing Radio EquipmentA Visit From The PoliceFrancis Coombe Secondary SchoolMichael and BoxingMy visit to SohoOur Move To WilstoneKeeping Myself BusyI Ride A 350 cc Triumph9 The Big Freeze 1962Short Stay Back To WatfordMy First Matchbox RadioA Holiday in NewquayAylesbury: Our New HomeBucks Herald News ArticleI Steel Push Bikes10 I Meet Mrs Grace KnightConversation Over The IntercomObituary Grace Maude Knight A Confident 15 year old11 Our Rock Group Wild Willy BarrettThe Fowler Mean our Rock groupA SecretPlaying At Courts Dance SchoolOxford BagsMy First Girl FriendLove is StrangeCarknappingSniffing ChloroformBanbury GaffThe Great Train RobberyThe Kray TwinsKray’s ImprisonmentReputation Was ImportantMods, Rockers, Scooters, Bikes a Bubble CarPete Townsend Gives Us A LiftThe Bubble CarDr Clarke’s CaseAdventures In The Bubble CarHaving a CrackOff to Margate Bank HolidayWebley air gun and the Bubble CarCaught by the PoliceAll Coppers Are BastardsBubble Car Blows UpI Get The SackPlan A Break In12 Canterbury PrisonCanterbury Prison TogetherAll Screws Were BastardsCanterbury PrisonPorridge For BreakfastMoved to Different CellsHair Style ChangeWhat Sentence Have You Got?Wormwood ScrubsDover Borstal (The Citadel)News Via The Grape VineHow To Deal With BullyingElectrical Installation CoursePaternity Suite13 My Release From BorstalHome Leave From BorstalReturning to AylesburyA Suit MadeGovernment Training Centre EnfieldI Build A 4 Valve Superhet RadioSeventh Day Adventist I Visit Michael In Maidstone PrisonEscape From PrisonSmuggling GoldI Am Not Me I’m My BrotherChloroform and its EffectsMods, Skinheads, Greasers at YarmouthNewquay Here We Come The Beatles Magical Mystery TourOur Holiday to Newquay the place of the SunI Am A Waiter at the Gull Rock HotelWe Return Home to AylesburyA Marriage In Gretna GreenOur Trip to ShorehamThe History of the Jews and 1967Pat Jones And The Bully14 Conversion from Crime to ChristA Bad LSD Trip Dave I Am With YouAll I Could Do Was Tell ThemWhy Boast15 What after SalvationEvidence of the New birthWhat to do with Stolen GoodsI Seek To Tell OthersMy Own Ignorance, I Never Read The BibleDifference at CollegeI Tell RupertTurning From The WorldReligious And None Religious Persons Being Kept By The Power And Grace Of GodWhat To Do With Stolen GoodsMy Citroen DS CarA Stolen Mini 1968Returning The Trolley JackDealing With Sin And TemptationOn The Love of GodHippies in the ShedUsing The Stolen Shed at Mount Street16 Going to ChurchNot Dressed For An OccasionI Attend Various ChurchesGiving A TestimonyI Am BaptizedMormons and BaptismBaptism in the SpiritThe Christian LifeThe Divine Nature Of Jesus ChristPreaching Or Musical EntertainmentGiving my Testimony Every Day the Sabbath DayAuthorized Version of the BibleGiving MoneySunday Cloths And Judging By AppearanceDoing The Work Of An EvangelistI Meet Peter Howe Minister Of The GospelI Was Told I Was A Hyper-CalvinistDoctrinal SummeryI Hear Dr Martin Lloyd Jones Preach17 Getting a JobActing FoolishlyWorking For SelfDelivered From Fire, The Morgan Sports CarI Find Work In LowestoftElim PentecostalWorking For Mr C J Ward And SonMy Theological Training Dr John GillMichael Goes To SpainMy Visit To SpainPentecostal Holiness ChurchDo Not Be led By feelingsOpposition To Imputed RighteounessI Leave The Pentecostal Holiness ChurchThe Three Day Week And My RedundancyMy RedundancyMy referenceMy Response To Redundancy18 Working for Granada T.V. RentalsMy Visit To Northern IrelandMeeting Dr Ian PaisleySuspicious Looking Suit CaseThe Wrong Part of BelfastWe Go To The Reformation Conference19 Mr Victor Prince 20 Bierton Particular BaptistsDistinguishing Doctrines of GraceBierton Particular Baptists Articles of Religion Denham’s HymnsThe Doctrines Of The GospelThis Jesus Had Called MeNot all Preaching Was GoodMiss Ruth EllisMiss Bertha EllisMy wife joins the Church at BiertonHats Or Head Coverings For Ladies21 A Call to Preach the GospelI Did Not Believe In Bible CollegesWolverhampton Polytechnic And Teacher TrainingAn Ulterior MotiveI Inform The Church Of My Felt Call To PreachQuestioned About The Law Of MosesMr Hill’s ConclusionThe Papal visit 1982A Spanking from the pulpit Preaching The Gospel22 I Go Fishing For MenBierton Meeting 5th June 1983Meeting TelevisedA News Paper ReportOut Come Of The MeetingDoctrinal OppositionMy Troubles Begin23 The Road DividesMichael Goes To ThailandMichael Writes Home Seeking HelpI Have Been Stupid I Was Never HappyMarriage Break Up A CauseA Fear Of A Thai PrisonMum And Dad Fed Up With MichaelTurning Point Michael Returned To EnglandMichael and the Philippines “Paradise Express” 199524 Michael’s Call for HelpSkinny And WithdrawnI Am Ashamed Of The Many Things I’ve DoneHere is Michaels letter: 
News of Michael’s ConversionI Finally Believe MichaelMichael Is Baptized In The PrisonOur Church Writes To Michael I Publish My Book Gordon Smith Contacts Me25 First Mission To The Philippines 2001The Decision To GoTrojan WarriorsFurther proposalsThe Same Gospel TruthsEnd Of The MissionNews Reports Of Our MissionCritics SilencedTrans World RadioA Joint Effort, We Worked TogetherWilliam C. Poloc Sent to BaguioWe Fund William Poloc26 Second Mission To The PhilippinesBaguio City And Benguet Provincial JailsMichael and I Meet Together 27 A Revolt In New Bilibid PrisonChallengedRecollections of the Strict BaptistsRejection By Sonlight Ministry A Big ProblemMy Question Is Who Is The Weaker Brother ?Gossip Begins28 First Petition against Trojan HorseGet The Trojan Horse Out Of HereThe Don’t Doers.A Denial of Imputed RighteounessThe Essence Of The Complaint Was ThisTrojan Horse OfficeThey Broke Prison RulesMy Reply To The Elders MeetingThe Use Of Trojan Horse Office29 Second Petition against Trojan Horse My Response IgnoredList Of Inmates In OppositionHow I responded To This PetitionWho Funded Trojan HorseOur Evidence We Were A Ministry Future Planned workScripture Directive IgnoredAll Trojan Warriors Had Withdrawn Their SupportSilence Spoke loudlyI Was Given Just Silent TreatmentI was an outcastConclusionMen Pleasers Cannot Please GodMy letter to Lucas P. DangatanDo Not Call A Liar A Liar What are you going to do about that ? Don’t your men Petition about that ?Why not revolt against such evil. Baptisms in Baguio and Benguet30 Work Planted in Baguio ContinuesWilliam C. Poloc’s Work In Baguio CityNews from the PhilippinesRegistration of Trojan Horse InternationalThe Registration of Trojan Horse InternationalMissionary Visa For the PhilippinesHelp from the Chief ChaplainMedical And Psychological ExaminationInterpretation Of findingsI had Incensed Religious Carnal MenWorking Within New Bilibid PrisonWe Buy Land Within The PrisonFunding Of The Mission31 Michael’s Death and BurialFurther GoodOur memorial service at our Bierton April 2005 31 Essence Of My Learning32 My Return to The UK Punk Rock Opera Positive Responses From British Prisons33 Other Publications7 Michael Clarke’s Testimony 8 Mary, Mary Quite Contrary9 Bierton Strict and Particular Baptists10 Converted on LSD Trip video Playlist34 Converted on LSD Trip 35 Trojan Warriors36 Bierton Strict and Particular Baptists37 The Bierton Crisis38 Converted on LSD39 Borstal Boys40 The Parousia 41 Mary Mary Quit Contrary42 Borstal Boy