Trojan Warriors Inmate Testimonies(Special request- Please write to our inmates)01 Alfredo R. Nardo“Mayor of Death Row”The Word of God was shared with meI no longer fear deathI affirmed to be put t death02 Anthony C. DolinBefore ConversionUnder arrestConversionNew HabitsSentence to life imprisonmentGod gave me a familyNathaniel, John Mark, Grace Ann, HannahTraining in the WildernessTheology DegreePrison Ministry MeetingAuthorized to teachReflection of the Past Who am ILife Verses Message for the world03 Antonio B. SimoltaMy personal testimonyHatred and RevengeA purose for every thingSentenced to DeathDeath Row to lifePromotion to Mayor of Dorm 6BEncountered much PainGod is graciousAll glory to GodWords of encouragementWhen we are weak we are streangthened by His graceGod has a plan for us04 Antonio Satioquia05 Arnel EspinaPersonal TestimonyChristian led me to the LordI was trapedI study at NBP Theological Institute06 Arnel MacafePersonal TestimonyMy life was a disastorI was my own GodI was sentenced to Death07 Arnulfo A. Aure08 Art PangilinanSentended to DeathA blessing in disguise09 Basilio B. Malarbob10 Blessie A. Velasco11 Bobby S. Delacruz12 Bonfilo Martinez13 Carlito Andranda Y. Mateo14 Celso Daluz15 Christopher O. Iglea16 Danny Dela Cruz17 Danny H. Moreno18 Inmate: Edwin Detabali TubieraI wanted to be a Medalled PolicemanContact with crooked Police OfficersI realised my life was badA bad dreamImplicated in gruesome MurdersI call in trembling wordsDeclared Guilty beyond reasonable DoubtEx Convict came to helpNew Bilibid PrisonFamily Born Again19 Dominador F. Emroy20 Inmate: Domingo E. Lucag21 Eddie Sernadilla22 Edgar R. Vargas23 Edison B. Quilantang24 Elmer B. Garcia25 Enrico “Red” DizonCase Code: “Cochise-Beebom” Transferred to NBI CellRecited the Apostles CreedGiven a BibleGod the Creator of the UniverseIdolotry is foolishnessRubbish StatuesI committed all sins under the sunAmaizing GraceA Gun runnerSanctification by grace aloneElection and PredestinationManu deliverences by GodGod choices to saveChronology of Ernesto 26 Ernesto M. Ibias27 Fernando Gujar 22nd August 200128 Garry S. Rosales Jr.Trojan Horse Mission 2001I sing my favorite SongI sing a solo29 Gerry O. Cave30 Hector R. MaquedaGod has a PlanMy ChildhoodI loose my handI feel ashamed of my deformed bodyA life of CrimeLife imprisonmentGod’s BlessingI meet Michael ClarkeCalvinistic TULIPMichael’s brother’ visits 31 James Bond O. Bucala32 Jeremey Nestor Dolorosa33 Jose C. BangcadoPersonal BackgroundLife Before ConversionRepentance and ConversionLife after ConversionMy Challenge34 Jose M. FrancoMy Personal Testimony Aspirations ShatteredA good houseProud to be a Trojan Warrior35 Leonito T. Baquiran36 Leo B. Cabug37 Manuel B. Gano Jr.38 Manuel F Atadero Jr39 Marcial L. Llanto Jr.Life Testimony40 Mario E. Lazaga Jr41 Michael John ClarkeI am the older brother of David ClarkeParadise ExpressMy friend Suny WilsonBy the grace of God aloneMessage to the World Believe it or notAssured of victoryBe preparedKnowing the enemy WarningCan Christians be demonized?Church history42 Moises M. Maspil Jr43 Nilo Ardon44 Norberto Del MundoPersonal TestimonyThanks to the Trojan Horse45 Pablo L. Estacio, Jr.46 Palmero M. Carcha Jr.47 Richard E. Ong48 Roberto V. RomeroConvicted by the Spirit of God Ministry through music49 Rogie D. CandelariScalawag PolicemanSonlight MinistryFaith in the Lord Jesus Christ50 Rolando Pagadayawan51 Romeo M. Ibay, Jr.Accused of RapeTransferred to New Bilibid Prison52 Romeo R. Orio53 Rommel Deang54 Ruben N. Boquilla55 Rudy Hugo56 Rufo M. Llenarizas Jr.Robbery with homicideLed to the lord ten years later57 Inmate: Sales C. Adic58 Sergio C. JorolanPersonal Testimony59 Inmate: Teddoro Laot60 William O. PolocLife in prisonEarly years a messAccepted Christ in June 1995Muntinlupa the grave of the living dead61 Inmate: Winnie M GocoyoAccepted Christ as my saviour62 Inmate : Zoila A. AmaTrojan HorseI was a Catholic63 Inmate: Jammie Jacob64 Inmate: Domingo B. AlacdisCome unto me65 Inmate Charles Bancal30th August 2001Greetings Dear ReaderAppendix 66 Isagani M.Obispo. Jr. Religious VolunteerSister prayed for meThe Lord spoke to me through a visionThe Lord brough me to New Bilibid PrisonAppointed Secretary to Trojan Horse Appendix 67 Testimony Sister Claudette StaplesTrojan Horse Book Series