Foreword to Converted On LSD by Dr Philip Fleming

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Dear David,

I attach a brief review of your book as requested. As you will see I found your experiences of great interest and I am sure your book will be of help to many.

Best wishes

Philip Fleming

Converted on LSD Trip”

This book, the personal testament of David Clarke, in in an autobiographical style. It charts his life, which became one of criminality and drug taking though a experience in 1970 of finding God whilst under the influence of LSD. Cynics may say that this was just an effect of drugs, but it is clear that the experience changed his life. Later when in court facing charges he admitted to many other crimes and was fortunate in receiving three years conditional discharge and not a prison sentence.

Since then David has combined his work as a lecturer in electronics with his mission of spreading the word of God. This is a scrupulously honest book recording both the difficulties ha has faced as well as the successes in his life since 1970. A continuing worry is the fat of his brother, currently serving a long prison sentence in a Philippine jail who himself has recently found God.

“This is an inspiring story of a life that has been turned from crime to a positive account and may be of help to others who find them selves directionless and involved in crime and drug misuse”.

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Dr. Philip M. Fleming. MA. BA, Bch. FRCPsych. DPM.

Consultant Psychiatrist with special responsibility for drugs and alcohol services. Kingsway House in the base for these services in Portsmouth. May 2001