Please tell me who is Miles as I have found his comments strange ?

According to Miles, I am really mixed up- one tweet is legal the next is antinomian, which is typical GS Baptists. He says baptists have a shallow view of scripture and see no continuity between the O.T. and NT. He states my tweets are a mixture of Pharisaical Legalism and Antinomian.

He says what I write is rubbish. the Gospel is Christ crucified ! Believers rule of life - Love God & neighbour- that’s it. He says I need to study.

My last tweet proves I lack theologise understanding a common mistake with baptists and there are no Baptist Theologians. He says baptism simply replaces circumcision.

He says most GS Baptists are Sabbatarian yet they believe the Law has no say in a believers life.

He says my view of the church is heretical and The Church is Israel. He cannot see why baptism and regeneration are related. I say only a regenerate person should be baptised.

When I say people make too much of baptism he asked why call myself a baptist. He says baptists unchurch infants who are not baptised by sprinkling. He says my views on baptism are man made but Calvin’s are 2000 year old.

He question my call but the lord and the sending of my church to preach the gospel in 1982. We were a Gospel Standard cause. He asked how was I called have can I be a Calvinist and not accept Calvin’s views on baptism.

He says he was a GS Baptist and never Evangelised any.

He claims GS Baptists need to repent of Hyper-Calvinism & embrace biblical baptism (Calvinism).

He say we all know GS Baptist don’t preach the gospel to every one as they do not evangelise so I sent him this video:

Baguio Baptisms

With Regards, David the Hyper Calvinist, Antinomian.

His response was this is :

Rank Arminian Heresy

So I have sent him this:

Waddedon Hill Strict Baptist

Please have a look and take in what Miles is saying, as I find him rather odd, and please give your opinion.