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Hon. Director, David Clarke, NBP Reservation, Muntinlupa City, Philippines. 1776

Our Original letter of request to Pst Isagani M. Obispo, Jr.

To: Pts. Isagani M. Obispo, Jr.

C/o Sonlight Ministries

December 6th 2002

Dear Gani,

Re: My appointment of Chaplain for PNP INMATE ASSOCIATION, Maximum Security Compound

Bureau of Corrections, Muntinlupa City, 1776.

Thank you for bringing to my attention that my appointment to the above mentioned position is fake. As you are aware I have asked you to give me the proof of this allegation. I have accordingly challenged my appointment as such an accusation is very serious. As you know this could result in my entrapment and detention by the Beauru of Immigration and Detention and deportation as an Undesirable alien and possible imprisonment.

Link to the appointment of Chaplain VFFII

The National Director, of the Philippine Prison Mission, Rev. Monico L. Caranay, has assured me, that my appointment is valid. Upon my request I have been issued with a new certificate of appointment and duly signed personally in my prescience by the National Director him self.

I enclose a copy of the authorisation for the appointment of Rev. Monico L. Caranay to this distinguished position and have no reason to doubt the signature of Conchita M. Felicitas, the Chief Operation, VFFII.

Link to The Appoinment of Monico L Caranay as Chief Chaplain VFFII

I am sending you a copy of this appointment (link above) and would like you to check its validity. As you know I have had many evil reports made against my person and position as the Hon. Director Trojan Horse International Ministry.

Yours very sincerely in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ


David Clarke.