The Lord Jesus ChristHarrods of Abshott PublicationsFirst published in Great Britain onHarrods of Abshott Publications1.0 About the Author2.0 What the story is about4.0 Confession to 24 crimes (Bucks Herald Headlines)01 What to do with stolen goods after you become a Christian?Visit from the C.I.DTestimony of Barry CrownTo the Clerk to the MagistratesTestimony of Mr. E ConnetI speak in courtNews head lines5.0 Childhood and early lifeBorn in OldhamGarston Infants SchoolCongregational Sunday SchoolCecil the sissy and air pistol11 Wrexham HolidayThe Fair at Garston, paper round and stolen bikeA Stolen Crystal SetMove to WilstoneOur move to AylesburyDavid’s do it your self-kartI steel push bikes6.0 Leaving School Teenage yearsI meet Mrs. KnightPop group and scootersMods ride scooters,Rockers bikes. Who rides in bubble cars ?The Bubble CarBubble Car blows up24 My brother is released from BorstalCanterbury PrisonI go to Dover BorstalPaternity suiteMy release from BorstalSkinheads, Greasers at YarmouthNewquay Here we comeOur trip to Shoreham19 Pat Jones and the bully7.0 Conversion.Jesus speaks to meWhat after salvationI seek to tell othersWhat does one do with stolen goodsHippies in the ShedGoing to ChurchI am baptisedBaptism in the SpiritThe Christian LifeDoing the work of an EvangelistGetting a Job8.0 Working for selfDelivered from fire - the Morgan sports carI find work in LowestoftElim Pentecostal9.0 Working for Mr. C J Ward and Son49 letter informing me of my redundancy.My response10.0 Working for Granada TV RentalsLetter from Mr. WardMy relyI attend the Pentecostal Holiness Church in BiertonI leave the Pentecostal Holiness ChurchMy visit to Northern IrelandVictor Prince the Crombie over coat11.0 Bierton Strict and Particular Baptist ChurchI go to the Bierton S&P Baptist ChurchKK gets sent to prisonI join the churchWhat was all that about ?Prevented from buying a house - I upset J & JA Call to Preach the GospelHats for ladiesA Spanking from the pulpit ( Isaac deserved it)Is Corporal punishment what Jesus wants ?The Papal visit 1982Wadesdon Hill Strict Baptist ChapelLetter to Mr Knight (Chairman of the trust) Dear Mr. K 27/4/8470 The Papal Visit I write to D.B. an Anglican VicarAre both people of the bibleA Your are both people of Christ.Both have the Sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion.Your are both people of the Holy Spirit12.0 I go fishing for men72 What happened next ?Out come of the meetingI peach a moving sermonEssence of the sermonThe Holy TableTeacher’s protest in AbbeyPlaying “Fantastic tricks”Cannot Remain Silent47 Rescuing Michael’s Roles Royce14.0 I leave the Bierton Strict and Particular Baptist ChurchI Preach at HomeMeeting Richard BoltI meet John Metcalfe of Tyler’s Green ChapelLetter to John MetcalfeReasonAttack from within on my children15.0 Shropshire to Fareham.Move to Snailbeach- Lord’s Hill BaptistMy reply to NATHFE Union 5/2/85My reply to the Secretary of NATFHERecollection and union views now16.0 Move to LutonDiscipline a problem teaching at Luton CollegeMuslims want to convert meEntrepreneurial enterprise in Satellite TelevisionsEntrepreneurial venture in Satellite TelevisionThe meeting on 7 th September 1988I work at Fareham College17.0 Moving to Fareham I turn from GodMicheal goes to ThailandPunnee Bar Babbua Muang, KanchanaburiTurning PointMassage for the Motor vehicle students18.0 Meeting my Second wifeI fall in loveBut the thing that David had done displeased the Lord. 11 Samuel 11 verse 27.Returning to God in repentanceMicheal goes to the Philippines -”Paradise Express”“Michael’s letters 01”.Number 2 Hayling CloseProblem my FiestaMy house becomes fullJohn my five year old apprenticeThe House CourtI move into a tent in the back gardenPost Scrip: Xube fathers to Zach and Xube19.0 My re marriageRebekah Alice Clarke is bornJohn Sawyers funeralSpirit of insecurityMicheal becomes a Christian116 News of Micheal’s BaptismQuestions I am askedAppendix23 A fresh look at the Christian concept of marriageGen 2 18.Gen 3 17Ephesians 5 221 Cor 12 3AssociationsOur visionLink 4 LifeDavid is the manager of a new Rock band called XubeTo be part of this Xube phenomenon call : Dave Clarke Promotions, from the 60’s,Other Publications by the AuthorHolly Snooke.01458 83225507970 75556726.0 Other Publications Planned by David (God Willing)1 Converted on LSD (Part 2)27.0 Other Publications availableBack cover of Billy’s Book