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David Clarke was born in Oldham, Lancashire, 1949 and his brother Michael John, was born in 1946 and died in New Bilibid Prison in the Philippines in May 2005. David is the author of several books, which all relate to his experience as a Christian, from his conversion from crime to Christ, on the 16th January 1970. He is the last Surviving member of the Bierton Strict and Particular Baptist Church and a Baptist preacher.

Both he and Michael were criminals in the 60’s but David had a remarkable experience, whilst suffering from the effect of a “bad trip” on LSD, that January night when Jesus spoke to him stating that the horrors that he was experiencing was nothing compared to hell. David became a Christian that night and eventually, after 6 years, joined the Bierton Strict and Particular Baptist Church, in 1976. This was because after reading and studying the bible and classical Christian literature he became convinced that the distinguishing doctrines of grace were true and the Bierton church held to these truths. These were set out in their Articles of Religion, dated and witnessed by the son of John Warburton, in 1832.

David was called by the lord, and sent by the church, to preach the gospel, in January 1982, to go wherever the lord opened the door, and since then David has preached in many churches throughout England and the Philippines.

David wrote his first book, The Bierton Crisis that explains his reason for secession from the Bierton church, which was a Gospel Standard cause, in 1984, over matters of conscience. The church never terminated David’s membership of the church as they wanted him to return, and according to their strict rules he remains a member to this day.

After a very difficult period of time, David’s brother Michael got into trouble in Asia, and was sentenced to prison in the Philippines in 1996, and on, 16th September 2000 he was baptised in a old oil drum in the prison. He too had become a Christian, after serving only 5 years of a 16-year sentence.

David at this time also encountered harsh opposition from the Elders of Jesus is Lord Church in Warsash, who were determined to appoint women as Elders in the Church. When David pointed out their error he was told to remain silent, so he left them to it and withdrew from them and wrote is second book entitled, Mary Mary, Quite Contrary, that relates the whole affair.

Michael recalls a attending a meeting, where David preached, in Bierton Chapel, on 5th June 1983, where David told of his experience and conversion, and then, in New Bilibid Prison, after reading C.S. Lewis’s book, Mere Christianity, he was convinced that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God.

This prompted David to write his first book, Converted on LSD Trip, which told his life story to date, 2001. After this he and Gordon Smith, formerly from Merely, went on a mission to the Philippines to bring help an assistance to Michael and to preach in New Bilibid Prison and other jails in the Philippines. This mission was called Trojan Horse International.

During the next year Michael, along with Lucas Dangatan, a Religious Volunteer (RVO), and David agreed on plans to develop the first ever Teacher Training College within a maximum-security prison, where men would be taught how to preach Christ to men. During that year 66 men volunteered to write their testimonies all of who had been converted from crime to Christ whilst serving their time in largest prison in South East Asia.

On 11th September 2002 David and Michael published, Trojan Warriors, which told the story and contained the testimonies of the 66 men who formed part of the Teacher Training College. The vision was this: On their release they would return to their own City’s, towns or villages and tell all what the Lord Jesus had done for them.

The first man to go was William Poloc who was released in August 2002 and he returned to his home city after 14 years, and began to preach and teach in Baguio City and Benguet Provincial Jail. William was supported financially by Trojan Horse International and had a wife and children to support. His wife Beth was baptised as a Christian that January 2003. On the same day David Baptised 22 inmates within Baguio City Jail and several days later 8 souls in Benguet Provincial Jail. All who had become Christians through the ministry of William Poloc our first mission outreach officer of Trojan Horse International?

William has built a Baptist Church in the Baguio and can be contacted at Engineers Hill.

David and Michael soon experienced opposition from within and without New Bilibid Prison, and many turned against them including David’s friends back in England, all of which was due to malicious rumours that were spread about David, and the work that he was doing.

On the 16th January 2003, by chance, a Particular Baptist Pastor Ronaldo L. Lopez came to the assistance of David and with his help registered the ministry with the Security Exchange Commission in the Philippines as Trojan Horse International (TULIP) Phils. Incorporated to silence the rumours that Trojan Horse did not exist. Also with the aid of Arnel Perpetua, another Filipino Pastor restored the work already begun within New Bilibid Prison to continue the Teacher Training Project.

It was at this time David wrote his 5th book, Before the Cock Crows which is really the daily diary of the Trojan Horse Mission.

On David’s return to England, in 2003 he was informed that the Bierton Chapel was closed for worship, and its title deed given to the Association of Grace Baptist Churches Ltd. They were intent of selling the chapel. The Association refused to allow David to use or reopen the chapel, as they wanted to sell is and take the money.

In May 2005 Michael died in New Bilibid Prison, from Tuberculosis, before he saw their vision of bringing help and relief to many through the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to many was realised.

David gave the Association of Grace Baptist Churches Ltd, a copy of his book, The Bierton Crisis, and he pointed and out to them that they were not the lawful trustees of the Church trust, as the church did not elect them. He also pointed out that the Bierton Church was a Gospel Standard cause, having no connection with Grace Baptists. They then proceeded, before the London Central County Court judge, to deny that Bierton was a Gospel Standard Church, and that David’s membership had been terminated. This was on the 6th September 2005.

In November 2011 David published Converted on LSD Trip 2nd Edition, as this was the time that Michael would have been released from prison and the book is about their lives.

In January 2012 David decided to publish a set of two books, The Bierton Strict and Particular Baptists and The Bierton Crisis, which form the basis for the story relating to The Bierton Strict and Particular Baptists story. David believes that the Association of Grace Baptists Churches with admit their mistake, and return the Bierton Church property, and money realised from the sale of the chapel, to him as a Sole trustee of the Bierton Church.

The Bierton Trust assets must be retained and used as directed by the wishes of the original Church members and David says that his work, as the last surviving member of the Bierton Strict and Particular Baptist church, continues in the name of Trojan Horse International (TULIP) Phils. Incorporated.

David is currently working on the production of a punk rock opera called Borstal Boy scheduled to be performed in prisons which tells his story.



Mary Mary, Quite Contrary

ISBN 0-9539473-2-7

Converted on LSD Trip

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Before the Cock Crows

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Trojan Warriors

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Converted on LSD Trip 2nd Edition

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The Bierton Strict and Particular Baptists

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The Bierton Crisis

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Borstal Boys

ISBN 0-9539473-8-6

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