Christianity is the only antidote to Islam and its false teaching

To this end I introduce A Body of Doctrinal Divinity, Book 1: Alternatively, A System of Practical Truths

Authored by Dr John Gill D.D., Created by David Clarke CertEd.

This book treats the subjects of, The Being of God, His Word, Names, Nature, Perfections And Persons. An understanding of these things will guard you and your family from the false teaching if Islam.

The problem of Islam is world wide and it should not be ignored. Islam is taught in our infant, junior and senior state schools. We should teach our children Christianity in our homes. This book is written to Educate us in the truths of Christian religion. Education is the way foreword.

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A Body of Doctrinal Divinity, by Dr John Gill, which is a play list.

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THIS IS 1 Of 7 Books.  


1 Of The Being Of God 

2 Of The Holy Scriptures  

3 Of The Names Of God 

4 Of The Nature Of God  

5 Of The Attributes Of God In General, And Of His Immutability In Particular 

6 Of The Infinity, Omnipresence and Eternity Of God

7 Of The Life Of God  

8 Of The Omnipotence Of God  

9 Of The Omniscience Of God

10 Of The Wisdom Of God

11 Of The Will Of God And The Sovereignty Of It 

12 Of The Love Of God 

13 Of The Grace Of God

14 Of The Mercy Of God

15 Of The Long suffering Of God 

16 Of The Goodness Of God

17 Of The Anger And Wrath Of God  

18 Of The Hatred Of God  

19 Of The Joy Of God 

20 Of The Holiness Of God 

21 Of The Justice Or Righteousness Of God 

22 Of The Veracity Of God

23 Of The Faithfulness Of God 

24 Of The Sufficiency And Perfection Of God 

25 Of The Blessedness Of God  

26 Of The Unity Of God 

27 Of A Plurality In The Godhead, Or, A Trinity Of Persons In The Unity Of The Divine Essence 

28 Of The Personal Relations; Or, Relative Properties, Which Distinguish The Three Divine Persons In The Deity  

29 Of The Distinct Personality, And Deity Of  The Father  

30 Of The Distinct Personality, And Deity Of The Son  

31 Of The Distinct Personality, And Deity Of The Holy Spirit

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BISAC: Religion / Christian Theology / Systematic

A Body of Doctrinal Divinity, Book 1, By Dr John Gill.

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